Print Quality Issues Related to Copying on the HP CM3530 AIO

I’ve seen more scanner assembly and print quality issues with the CM34350 model than any other HP all-in-one (AIO) machine. I’m not going to bore you with lots of details, but I will give you a few pointers to isolate problems and find solutions to these print quality issues, which can include black lines and background printing, among others. Here is an image copy example to help you understand what I’m talking about.


Isolating the Problem

If there are lines on your copies, print a document from the computer. If the printed page from the computer also has lines, you have a print quality problem related to the print engine. Drums, transfer belts, and the fusing assembly can be the possible culprits for print engine print quality issues.

If the printed page from the computer (or an internal test page) does not have lines we know the problem is Continue reading

13.A2.D2 Error: HP LaserJet M601, M602, M603

The 13.A2.D2 error means that the paper is failing to get to the pre-feed sensor (PS102). Several things can cause this error. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help isolate the problem and get it fixed with as little cost as possible.

Is the paper stop arrow lined up?
Remove the paper and paper tray. Verify the paper stop arrow is lined up with the mark on the bottom of the paper tray. If the paper stop is moved too far forward the paper will bind when the tray raises. Also, make sure the paper is properly loaded. Sometimes a few pieces of paper will bend up in the front of the tray causing the tray to not properly lift and feed paper.

Is the access door missing?
In the front of the tray there is an access door for the pick-up roller. Verify the access door is there. I’ve seen situations where these somehow get removed, causing intermittent paper jamming. Continue reading

HP LaserJet P3015 Intermittent Jamming or Black Marks on the Back

This topic was covered briefly in a previous post. At that time I didn’t have a defined solution, but since then I’ve gotten feedback from others and I’ve personally fixed a few machines with this problem so today we’re going to get to the solution.

I’ve seen slow printing from the first 500 sheet tray in these HP P3015 printers. By that, I mean, occasionally the paper feeds up into the two feed rollers behind the MP tray and stalls out. This causes the pickup roller to rotate again, pushing the paper up into the registration assembly. In most cases, this doesn’t cause a paper jam; however, if you’re printing a 50 page document you will notice a slight hesitation with every few pages so the output is not at a consistent pace. Also, because the paper is slipping on the two feed rollers, you see two black lines in the middle of the back side of the page about 2 or 3 inches down.

Last week I worked on a printer that was actually having some paper jam issues as a result of this. The machine had 320,000 prints on it and had been operating for a few years with the hesitation and marks on the page without any serious problems related to it. However, with the paper jam errors starting to happen I decided it was time to address this problem. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Faded Color Issues in the HP Enterprise Pro M551

The other day I had a customer bring in an HP M551 printer that was not printing Magenta on half the page. Going left to right the color started to fade in the middle of the page so the right side of the page was completely void of Magenta. The service manual doesn’t seem to tackle this issue so I thought I would write about it.

Troubleshooting Process
First, print the Print Quality (PQ) test pages to get a clear idea of how all the toner cartridges are working.

Then disable thecartridge check option and swap the problem toner cartridge with another cartridge. For example, put the Magenta toner cartridge in the Cyan slot and the Cyan in the Magenta slot and the Print Quality test again. This will tell you if the problem follows the cartridge or stays with the slot. If it follows the cartridge Continue reading

What To Do When the Image has Shifted when Printing from an HP LaserJet

Every once in a while I will get called about, or notice while I am onsite at a customer location, an issue with an HP LaserJet printer where the image on the page has shifted to the right, or to the left, or up, or down.  Simply put, it’s not printing where it should be!

It’s pretty easy to spot this when you print the configuration page. The rectangular border around the edges will not be centered on the page. In theory, if you fold the paper in the corners on the box, the lines should line up with each other.

There’s a pretty easy fix Continue reading

Troubleshooting a 49 Service Error in the HP CM4540 Enterprise Color Laser

A few days ago I was called out to work on a HP CM4540 that was getting a 49 Service Error. The customer called me and explained that they had already tried to clear the error by turning the machine off then back on but the problem came back. I advised the customer to remove the communication cable and reboot the machine to see if the problem went away. Of course, it did, so I told the customer to delete all print jobs in the print queue and then try to print something simple like a windows test page. The next day I received another call that the problem was back and now would not go away. Continue reading

58.4 Power Supply Error in the HP LaserJet M5025 Multifunction

I was recently called out to work on one of  a HP LaserJet M5025 multifunction printer (MFP) the other day, which had the 58.4 error happen over the weekend. When the customer came in Monday morning the error was on the screen.  I recommend these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Turn the machine off
  2.  Make sure it is not plugged into a surge arrest, power strip, or battery back up
  3. Let it sit 20 to 30 minutes unplugged
  4. Plug it back in and try again.

If the problem still occurs then the next step is to Continue reading

What To Do When Paper is Jamming in the Left side of an HP 9040 or 9050 Printer

I get lots of calls on the HP 9040 and 9050 models for random paper jams in the machine. Often times the customer informs me that the problems tend to happen first thing in the morning. After about a half hour fighting with the machine it starts working again, but with  random paper jams every so often.  The customer also notes that many times, when they get a paper jam, there are several sheets of paper stuck all over the machine so they have a hard time telling where the jam actually occurred.

The HP 9040 and 9050 machines are very sensitive in their timing. If the paper gets to certain parts of the machine a hair late it can result in a jam error (I’ve often wondered why HP made these machines so time sensitive). Anyway, I’ve seen surprisingly few problems with the paper pick up assembly other than broken paper sensor actuators. The feed rollers in these machines are well designed with plenty of rubber so they hardly ever cause feed issues.

Most of the paper jam problems are in the fusing unit.

The fuser pressure roller develops flat spots, which causes toner to build up on the hot roller and leads to paper sticking to and jamming Continue reading

How to Fix Intermittent Paper Jamming in HP LaserJet 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, 4350 Printers

In recent months I’ve seen an increase in intermittent paper jams related to these HP 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300 and 4350 LaserJets. Unlike the last ten or so years, replacing the feed rollers isn’t always doing the trick. I’ve been replacing more and more pick up solenoids for the cassette tray pick up assembly.

When the solenoid actuates, the pick up assembly engages and lowers the pick up roller. There is a foam pad on the solenoid that dampens the noise when the solenoid actuates. As the machine ages, the pad wears down and the tape underneath causes the solenoid arm to stick. When this happens, the pick up roller stays down and occasionally picks up multiple pages.

Typically, if you’re only printing one or two pages at a time you won’t have too much trouble. However, if you are printing large volumes, it can be a more serious problem. Continue reading

HP LaserJet M4555 Series Will Not Print

I recently was called out to work on an HP M4555 printer that had some feed issues. Each time the feed issues seemed resolved the printer would print a few pages but then stop.

The printer was receiving information; it said ‘processing’ on the display, acted  like it was going to print but then nothing would happen. Even printing internal information pages from the control panel failed to work. Also, the machine’s control panel was very slow and often times unresponsive to commands.

Whenever I see an odd problem on a new HP printer the first thing I do is check the firmware version and upgrade or replace it. It’s nice that HP has changed the way the firmware is stored and managed. However, with all the new software changes and applications, I’ve seen a drastic increase in firmware related issues.

Warning: Before you update the firmware… Continue reading