Getting your additional paper trays to work together might seem impossible, but it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

When using multiple drawers with the same paper type, make sure to set the “paper type” and “paper size” the same for all the trays. Set the “paper type” inside of the paper menus. If a tray isn’t linking, print out the menu page to view settings.

Problem (T64X): Most or all of the page is covered with toner, the pages come out mostly black/gray

Solution: First try another toner cartridge. In most cases, a defective toner cartridge will be the cause of this type of print quality issue. If the issue occurs with more than one toner cartridge, check the printhead cables. Make sure the video cable on the printhead/laser cable assembly is not damaged. If the video cable is damaged, replace the laser cable assembly (part number 40X0061).