System Boards & Engine Boards in Lexmark Optra printers

Do you ever wonder what is the correct term for that board in your printer? Well, it might be called a system board or controller board in a Lexmark printer or a formatter board in an HP printer. Is it really the system (or formatter) board that you’re talking about? Or is it the engine board (Lexmark term), also know as the Engine Controller board, DC controller or DC board (HP terms).

If you’re working on a Lexmark Optra printer, this information should come in handy:

All T52x &T61x series have separate engine and controller boards.

All T series have the option of a network port built into the system or controller board (depending on the model). Base unit boards do not come with the built in network port.

T62x & T63x printers have a combined engine and controller board, which is now referred to as simply the system board.

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