T52x ‘Network 54 Error’ and how to solve it.

A “Network 54 Error” is reported by the printer at power on, or the printer loses or changes its network settings over time. Affected units may experience one or both of these symptoms intermittently.

How to cure this issue:

  1. Update the failing adapter/printer’s firmware to level 3.20.30 or higher.
    • The firmware can be found on the Lexmark web site in the Firmware section of the Drivers and Downloads page. The download contains the file necessary to update the network firmware as well as a Readme file with detailed instructions for updating the firmware. In addition to the instructions in the Readme file it is also possible to update the firmware using the printer’s web page. Follow these steps to update using the web page:
      • Open a web browser.
      • Enter the IP address of the printer in the address field.
      • This will bring the printer’s web page.
      • Click on the “Configuration” link on the left-hand side of the page.
      • Click on the “Update Print Server Firmware” link.
      • Click on the “Browse” button and locate the firmware file that was downloaded. Note that this file will have a “.psw” extension.
      • Click on the Submit button.
      • When the process is completed, the adapter will reset.
  2. If the printer continues to have problems it may be necessary to reset the NVRAM using the instructions below:
    • Power the printer off.
    • Hold down the > Menu, Select and Go buttons on the printer’s operator panel.
    • Power the printer back on while holding down the buttons.
    • Continue holding the buttons until you see “Performing Self Test / Restoring Factory Defaults” on the display. Then release the buttons.
    • The NVRAM has now been reset.
  3. It may also be necessary to manually set the MAC speed on the printer if there continues to be problems.
  4. If problems persist after performing the above steps or it is not possible to update the printer firmware then it may be necessary to physically replace the adapter or system board.
  5. Contact your next level of support if you have difficulty with these steps.

It is recommended that anyone with the affected products should update to the 3.20.30 level of code immediately. If an affected print server cannot be updated via the network or parallel port, then the print server will have to be replaced.

2 thoughts on “T52x ‘Network 54 Error’ and how to solve it.

    • A 140.05 motor server error on a Lexmark C780 is most likely caused by a defective autocompensator, also referred to as a pick arm assembly, part # 40X1724. Be sure to check all wiring and connectors prior to replacing assembly. In the event that the pick arm does not solve the problem, there may be a problem with the system board, part # 40X1829


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