Faded Color on the HP 2600, HP 2700 and HP 3000 Series of Small Upright Color Lasers

Lately, I’ve been receiving more calls on the HP small upright color lasers due to poor print quality. I have found that, with most of these lower end HP printer models, the customer doesn’t want to put a lot of money into repairs.

In this article I will focus mainly on the HP 2600 and 2605 because HP doesn’t explain how to remove the laser/scanner in the service manual. In other models, like the HP 2700 and HP 3000 series printers, while they explain in the service manual how to remove the laser/scanner, they don’t tell you how to clean it out once it’s removed.  So I will explain what to look for and how to go about cleaning this so you don’t have to replace it.  Continue Reading