Troubleshooting Lexmark T63X Printhead Errors

The Lexmark T63X series printers sometimes come up with 931-935 printhead errors that are not always caused by a defective printhead, but can actually be caused by a defective cover open switch. However, this is not mentioned in the Lexmark service manual.

This is the kind of problem that could cause many repeat service calls for a technician. The error may not be related to the printhead and many times you will not see the problem when you’re onsite servicing the printer.

After replacing the printhead, the printer will run fine, which was probably an intermittent problem to start with. After running a few hundred successful test pages you’d think that the problem is solved.

A few days later, you may get a call from your customer telling you that the problem has returned.   Continue Reading

HP Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, and CP3505 “Cartridges Not Engaged 10.92.YY” Error

The 10.92.YY Cartridge Not Engaged error is one of the more common error codes found on the HP 3000 series Color LaserJet machines. The good thing is that it’s one of the easier problems to diagnose. The bad news is that usually one or more of the cartridge lock levers or a slide lever is broken or one of the cams above is broken. Like the swing plate gear in the 4200 series HP LaserJets, the lock levers in this machine were never meant to be replaced. In this article, I’ll talk about the error, troubleshooting the error, and replacing the lock levers.

How the Cartridge Engage Process Works
As the transfer unit opens the cartridge lock levers (four on either side of the machine) move up into the machine. When the transfer unit closes the cartridge lock levers clamp down on the sides of the cartridges and hold it in place. On the right and left side, the lock slide levers moves up as the door/transfer assembly closes and down as the door/transfer assembly opens. When the right white slide lever moves up it engages the cartridge drive motor assemblies by pushing the black cartridge drive gears left so they mesh with the gears on the cartridge. Also, four white tabs on the right slide lever push on the back of the cartridge shutters moving them out of the way and exposing the drums. The lock levers are attached to the slide levers with springs. If any of these parts are broken or processes don’t happen then a cartridge not engaged error can result.

Alright, that’s how the process works. Now let’s move on to the troubleshooting part.  Continue Reading