HP Color Laserjet 4600, 4610, and 4650 Light or Faded Print

The HP color laserjet 4600 series printers are a perfect example of why HP has become legendary for their line of laser printers. In today’s market, while this is not one of the quicker machines out there, its high volume print cartridges, durability, and ability to handle any job an end-user can think of makes this printer series an office favorite. However, with its age, the laser scanner optics are getting a build up of dust and debris on the mirrors and lens. While the light and faded print doesn’t happen as quickly and is not as apparent on this model as it is in the HP color laserjet 2600 and 3000 series, it still needs to be addressed.

In this article I will discuss what you can expect when light or faded print starts becoming an issue in the HP color laserjet 4600 series, how to troubleshoot the problem, and how to resolve the light or faded print issue when it has to be fixed. Continue Reading