Insights for Copier Technicians Making the Switch to Printers

Over the last few years it has become obvious that being only a copier technician is not enough. More and more service companies are requiring that their copier technicians work on printers, too. In this article, I will discuss why this has become the new trend and what I believe copier technicians can do to make this transition as smooth as possible. I went from being a computer, printer, typewriter, fax, and plotter technician to a copier tech and I’ve trained computer and copier techs to work on printers. I’m not saying I’m an expert in this field but I have noticed several things that copier techs tend to do and things that they have been able to implement to ease the transition into their new role.

Why are Copier Technicians now Becoming Printer Technicians?
Analog copiers used to break with pretty regular frequency. While copiers still tend to require repair more often than printers, new digital copiers tend to break less often. Copier dealerships in the past few years have either been forced to downsize their technicians because they don’t have enough work load or they explore new opportunities in printers and try to set upMPSprograms to handle all of their customers’ equipment needs.

Times are changing and dealerships that aren’t on board with expanding their service opportunities are falling by the wayside. Continue Reading

Gartner, IDC and now Quocirca recognize Lexmark as an MPS market leader.

The firm gave Lexmark high marks for its expertise and strategic focus on business process optimization. Quocirca also emphasized Lexmark’s business process expertise, which enables Lexmark to further penetrate large enterprise accounts. Lexmark’s business process management capabilities, through its recent acquisitions, will help drive further value for Lexmark’s MPS customers.

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