Issues Related to the HP P3015 LaserJet Printer

Today, let’s discuss three common problems with the HP P3015 model printer.

But first, let me say that for whatever reason, I haven’t gotten many service calls on these machines. And, from seeing what other technicians say on the online forums, they haven’t encountered a lot either. I don’t know if companies just weren’t buying them because the P3005 printer had so many problems and they thought the P3015 model, being the newer version, was going to have the same amount of trouble, or if it was the price tag.  Companies could buy the P4014 or P4015 for not too much more. And ven the reputation of other HP 4000 series models, they might have gone that way being pretty confident the P4014 or P4015 was a safer bet.

One other caveat: every one of the HP P3015 printers I’ve serviced has had over 100,000 prints and had never been previously serviced. I’ve seen one that had over 200,000 prints and the fuser still looked great. So it would appear HP realized they had a huge problem with the previous model and has taken great strides to return the 3000 series to what it was intended to be.

OK – that’s the background from my perspective, now onto some troubleshooting…

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