The Hidden Costs of Cheap Toner

We recently came across this very informative blog post on The Next Bench Blog. Click through to read the entire post.

Here are the highlights:

Hidden Cost #1: Messy, cheap toner leaks on you, your printer, or your documents
Hidden Cost #2: Cheap toner gives you lackluster quality on your prints
Hidden Cost #3: Cheap toner wastes your time with a difficult and time-consuming replacement process
Hidden Cost #4: Cheap, unreliable toner cartridges give inconsistent results, clog your printer, or otherwise fail

There is a large body of evidence, from a variety of sources that confirms the myriad of problems from cheap, 3rd party/compatible toner.   A cheaper purchase price doesn’t mean it’s a better value.  According to independent testing performed by Buyers Laboratory, any perceived savings with compatible toner disappears quickly when you factor in these averages:

  • 56% of expected pages
  • 22% rate of out-of-box failures
  • 19% more print quality & reliability failures
  • 20% higher incidence of fuser damage

3 thoughts on “The Hidden Costs of Cheap Toner

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