HP LaserJet 5000 or 5100 Jamming at Fusing Assembly

This jam happens when the paper gets out of the paper tray and through the toner area and then jams right at the front of the fusing assembly. The user opens the front door, removes the toner and finds the paper wrinkled up in front of the fuser; they pull the paper out, try again and get the same result.

I’ve seen two things cause Jamming at the Fusing Assembly:

(1)     The fixing film on the fusing assembly fails to rotate.

For some reason, on these models more than others, the fixing film may not move properly. Without the film moving, once the paper hits the fusing assembly, there is not enough drive and the paper stops. Other signs that indicate the fixing film may not be moving properly are distorted print or intermittent jamming.

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HP Color LaserJet 5500 – 51.2 Error on the Display

The 51.2 error is a laser error. It means the laser motor didn’t get up to operating speed in time.

The service manual says the 2 in the error code will be followed by an additional number, but the machine I just serviced was reporting a 51.2Y Error (a letter, not a number) indicating a problem with the yellow laser scan assembly. When I switched the yellow laser scanner assembly (laser unit) to the cyan slot the 51.2Y error turned to a 51.2C error.

In monochrome printers the laser scanner motor doesn’t typically turn on so the machine usually goes to a ready state until you use it; then you get the 51 error. With color laser printers, after the machine initializes it does a calibration, which uses the laser scanner assemblies. So, on color machines you most likely will get the error on start up while performing the calibration.

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National Service Providers: From a Service Technician’s Perspective

A few years ago, after several changes in the company I work for, we were struggling to get new service leads. So I created a region-specific website designed to attract new business from the surrounding area. One of the things I didn’t count on was getting lots of calls from national service providers looking for technicians to provide service for their customers in our area. After dealing with several, I thought I’d share my experiences and insights on what to look for and what to watch out for.

For those of you unfamiliar with National Service Providers

The majority of the national service providers advertise on their websites that they have thousands of technicians, around the country who can provide service on any machine in any zip code.  When a customer calls and agrees to their services, the customer then waits for a call back with notification of when the tech will be out.  Typically, the national company checks their database for providers in the area or they get online and call around to local service providers to find a technician qualified to work on the machine. The local provider they find must be willing to do the work for a specific fee and within a designated period of time. Once the national service provider finds a local service provider to accept the call, the tech goes out and fixes the customer’s machine as a representative of the national service provider.

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HP M2727nf Power Issues Due to Formatter Failure

A few weeks ago I serviced a HP M272nf  printer that was randomly turning off on its own. The customer reported that the printer would be working fine but then, randomly, the computer would report a connection issue when sending a print job. Upon looking at the machine the power would appear to be off with nothing on the display lit up. Usually, if they opened the toner door or turned the power switch off and on the machine would return to normal operation.  On some occasions though, it would freeze up during initialization when the arrows were moving across the display. The customer reported that this problem started off as a random issue, only happening once or twice a month, and then gradually began happening just about every day.

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Blank Display After RFU Error in an HP4250/4350

The problem:  I was trying to upgrade base firmware and received the RFU error. I then tried to resend the firmware again and now I have a blank display.

The solution: You can order a flash dimm [part #Q7725-xxxxx]. Install this flash dimm and set the jumper(J53) boot select on the top middle of the formatter  to pin1 and 2 looking from left to right. This will allow the printer to boot from the new dimm instead of the one built in to the formatter.

Clearing the RFU Error Message in an HP 4250/4350 Printer

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Power on the printer and as soon as you see the memory count hold the stop button down until all three control panel lights flash once and then remain on.
  3. Press the select button (green check mark) and then the menu button.
  4. Menu arrow down until you see “Clear All RFU Errors”.
  5. Press the select button twice until the highlighted cursor is the letter C in the word clear.
  6. Scroll down until you see “Set Run mode to Manual”.
  7. Press the select button once until the highlighted cursor is on the letter R in the word Run mode.
  8. Scroll down until you see “Set RFU Error Off”.
  9. Press the select button twice until the highlighted cursor is on the letter S in the word Set.
  10. Turn the printer off and then back on.
  11. Wait until the printer comes to ready and resend firmware.