HP M2727nf Power Issues Due to Formatter Failure

A few weeks ago I serviced a HP M272nf  printer that was randomly turning off on its own. The customer reported that the printer would be working fine but then, randomly, the computer would report a connection issue when sending a print job. Upon looking at the machine the power would appear to be off with nothing on the display lit up. Usually, if they opened the toner door or turned the power switch off and on the machine would return to normal operation.  On some occasions though, it would freeze up during initialization when the arrows were moving across the display. The customer reported that this problem started off as a random issue, only happening once or twice a month, and then gradually began happening just about every day.

Of course, when I was onsite the machine worked fine.

My recommendation is to check the firmware on the config page and update it if needed. And check the power source to make sure the machine is plugged straight into a wall outlet to assure 120V. Also, you can perform a super or regular NVRAM initialization following these instructions:

  • Turn the machine off
  • Reset the printer
    • Regular Reset – Simultaneously press and hold the Cancel button and the right arrow button, and then turn on the product.
    • Super Reset – Simultaneously press and hold the Cancel button and the left arrow button, and then turn on the product.
  • Wait until the message Permanent Storage Init appears and then release the Cancel and right arrow buttons.

WARNING: these resets will delete your devices settings. Print off your network settings, speed dials and user settings so they can easily be restored when the reset has been completed.

After performing all the above procedures I cleaned the machine and told the customer if the problem continued the next step would be to replace the formatter. A few days later I got the call that the machine was still having power outages. I installed a new formatter and the problem was solved.

The M2727nf printer,  like the P2015, M1522m and P3005 machines are known to have formatter issues due to the heat produced by the processors and weak solder on the formatter. If you run into odd electrical or power up issues the formatter is typically the root of the problem.

Always follow the regular troubleshooting steps first but if that doesn’t fix the problem it’s most likely time to replace the formatter. [Part# CC370-60001]

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

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