HP LaserJet 5000 or 5100 Jamming at Fusing Assembly

This jam happens when the paper gets out of the paper tray and through the toner area and then jams right at the front of the fusing assembly. The user opens the front door, removes the toner and finds the paper wrinkled up in front of the fuser; they pull the paper out, try again and get the same result.

I’ve seen two things cause Jamming at the Fusing Assembly:

(1)     The fixing film on the fusing assembly fails to rotate.

For some reason, on these models more than others, the fixing film may not move properly. Without the film moving, once the paper hits the fusing assembly, there is not enough drive and the paper stops. Other signs that indicate the fixing film may not be moving properly are distorted print or intermittent jamming.

To troubleshoot:

–          Remove the fuser and gently place a mark on the edge of the film using a marker. Reinstall the fuser and print a page. Whether the mark moves or stays in the same spot will give you an idea of what is happening.

–          Be advised that taking the fuser out and rotating the gears to see if the fixing film is moving doesn’t always tell you how it will work in the machine.  I’ve seen, especially on earlier models, that they don’t always move when they are outside of the printer but once the machine is up to speed and running they rotate.

–          Obviously, if the film is torn, it’s going to be an issue and the fuser will need to be replaced.

–          Check the fuser and the swing plate gear. If the gear is fine and you continue to have issues then most likely the fuser is the issue.

(2)     Broken swing plate gear on the main drive assembly.

Just like in other HP models, in the 5000/5100 the swing plate gear that drives the fusing assembly wears down and eventually it doesn’t drive the unit. Like any other machine the best thing to do is remove the fusing unit and check out where the gears mesh with the swing plate gear. If the swing plate gear is worn down it will be obvious as there will be lots of plastic dust in that area.   Replace the main gear assembly; part # RG5-3543 for the LJ 5000 or part # RG5-7079 for the LJ5100.

What I generally see in this model printer is the gear slowly wears down, the machine gets a little noisier, then one day seemingly out of the blue the teeth break and it no longer drives.   On the newer model printers you will hear lots of grinding as the gears wear out, but not so with the 5000/5100.  So, if you’re servicing a machine that has 250,000 or more prints make sure you remove the fuser and check this gear out.

To access the swing plate gear, follow these instructions:

Rear Door/Output Bin Removal

  1.  Face the rear of the printer. Press the two locking tabs toward the center of the printer, releasing the Rear Door.image-001
  2. The plastic support strap is located on the left side of the printer. To release the strap, pinch the top of the strap with your index finger underneath the strap, and your thumb on top of the tab. Squeeze and lift up from the bottom, while pulling out.
    HP LaserJet 5100
  3. Slide the door to the left, and then remove it from the printer.

Note : For reassembly, insert the pin on the left side of the cover first.

Fuser Removal

  1. Remove the Rear Door and Rear output bin.
  2. Facing the back of the printer, remove the two machine screws (callout 1) holding the Fuser in the chassis.
  3. Using a small, flat bladed screw driver, lift to disengage the Fuser Assembly detents (callout 2).
  4. Grasp the green Pressure Release Handles (callout 3) and pull the Fuser out of the chassis.
    HP LaserJet 5100 fuser removal

Market Point now provides service manuals so I’m just going to point you in that direction for the main drive assembly removal. It’s pretty easy. I just replaced one the other day and it took less the half an hour. Go to page 166 of the service manual here

Note : Because of a recent mishap I learned that the main drive assembly gears and frame are identical in the 5000 and 5100, so those parts are interchangeable. However, they do take different motors.

I had someone accidentally purchase a 5000 gear assembly and I put it into a 5100. Everything worked ok until I went to print.  Printing using the bypass tray worked fine because it prints at a slower speed. Printing through the feed trays was another story!  At normal operating speed the slow motor caused paper jams using 11 X 17 paper and caused 41.1 incorrect paper size errors with letter sized paper.  Additionally, the print size was reduced on the paper because of the slow speed. Once I swapped motors the machine was working again. So, when in a pinch you can order and replace one or the other main drive gear assemblies, just make sure you swapped motors.

RG5-5455 – Fuser Assembly for LaserJet 5000

RG5-3543 – Main Gear Assembly for LaserJet 5000

RG5-7060 – Fuser Assembly for LaserJet 5100

RG5-7079 – Main drive gear assembly for LaserJet 5100
Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

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