Lexmark named 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award winner

Lexmark stands out in this year’s Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards, winning awards in three categories.The awards program honors the top 100 companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing.

Lexmark was recognized in the following categories, which celebrate outstanding projects undertaken and completed by a manufacturing company:

  • Innovative Enterprise (Supplies Customer Escalation System)
    • Lexmark’s Supplies Customer Escalation System facilitates a more succinct, streamlined process for the Lexmark global supplies marketing teams and the Level 3 technical support teams to send customer feedback directly to our supplies product engineering teams and receive timely responses.
  • Operational Excellence (Juarez Pull Replenishment)
    • The Juarez pull replenishment system has enabled Lexmark to achieve a 37 percent reduction in finished goods inventory while improving our product availability by 63 percent.
  • Sustainability (Molded Pulp Cushions)
    • This innovative process converts the company’s own waste paper to new molded pulp cushions for packaging toner cartridges.

The 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award winners will be honored on May 15 following a summit in Florida.

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Troubleshooting HP Color LaserJet 4700 Printer Issues

I’ve found these machines to be among the better color LaserJet printers made. When OEM cartridges are used, I rarely run into problems and these printers require very little maintenance, most of which a customer can handle on their own. I have a few of these machines in the field right now that have over 1,000,000 prints. I believe these machines are well worth keeping around, if possible.

In follow up to Monday’s post, here are a few more troubleshooting tips for the 4700 LaserJet and the 4730 MFP.

HP Color LaserJet 4700 Light Print CMY Color Planes
A recent service called involved a machine that was printing light in all the colors. When I printed a config page I noticed that all the colors seemed extremely light.  The printer error report showed lots of CPR sensor errors and 54.XX halftone calibration errors.

The customer had replaced all the color cartridges (they were using OEM cartridges). Disabling the cartridge check in the diagnostics menu and swapping the cartridges, restoring the print quality settings, running a full calibration, and making sure its toner save was turned off did nothing to change the print quality. I took out the feed assembly under the cartridges and cleaned out the two color plane registration and density sensors. Once again, nothing changed on the print quality.

As a last resort I performed a NVRAM RESET Continue reading

What to do when your HP Color LaserJet 4700 has a Blank Control Panel

A few weeks ago I went on a service call for a HP 4700 that had a blank control panel. Once I arrived onsite I observed that the machine was turning on and going through its normal start up procedure. However, the control panel, while lit, had nothing in the display. The three attention lights on the bottom of the control panel were also lit. After reseating the formatter, compact flash, and 256 MB memory DIMM nothing changed. I could not print to the machine but it did print the Engine Test Page.

In this particular case I ordered the Compact Flash and Memory DIMM and it happened to be the memory DIMM that resolved the issue. The best advice I can give if you run into this issue is to remove any accessories plugged into the machine, including EIO devices, memory, and compact flash. Insert each device one at a time and see if anything changes. Start with the Compact Flash, then memory, then EIO devices. I found that the memory and compact flash were relatively cheap so obviously the best place to start.

Note: On researching this problem I did find a few topics where the machine locked up after doing the memory count where the battery on the formatter had gone bad.

Service Manual Troubleshooting Tips
1. Reseat Formatter
2. Reseat Compact Flash
3. Reseat Memory DIMM or DIMM’s
4. Replace Compact Flashes and Firmware Card
5. Replace Memory DIMM
6. Replace Formatter
7. Check Flat Ribbon Cable Connector From DC Controller to Formatter
8. Check Formatter power connectors for LVPS
9. Check Control Panel display connectors to DC controller
10. Replace Control Panel display

Parts List

Q7722-67951 256 MB Memory DIMM, 4700

Q7725-68003 Compact Flash, 4700

C7038-67018 Compact Flash, 4730

Q7495-69002 FORMATTER board,  4700 base model

Q7492-69003 FORMATTER board , 4700N/DN/DTN/PH+

RM1-1617 CONTROL PANEL,4005, 4700 – Control panel assembly

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

Market Point is now an HP PartsOne Authorized Parts Reseller

Market Point, an HP PartsOne Authorized Parts reseller, extends portfolio of quality printer products fully backed by HP.

According to Beth Nordman, EVP Sales and Marketing at Market Point “our longstanding relationship with HP is moving to the next level as we team together to promote an OEM offering.”  The HP PartsOne Authorized Parts reseller designation is the most recent addition to Market Point’s OEM authorizations.  “Anticipating our customers’ needs in technology and processes to better serve their customers, manage costs and improve margins, we invest in the solutions offerings, industry partnerships and product expertise to best service our customer base,” commented Nordman.

The benefits to service companies and large self-maintaining organizations of sourcing HP printer parts through Market Point are many.  “Our strategic alignment with HP as well as with Lexmark offers our customers the ease of a single-source provider, supported by the OEMs.” Nordman continues, “We understand the issues that drive our customers’ businesses; from the need to streamline processes and reduce overhead to growing revenue through smarter business practices. We are now in an even stronger position to support those goals.”

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HP LaserJet 5si, 8000, 8100, and 8150 Gear Noise

This last year I’ve been experiencing more calls due to noise coming from the left side of these machines and, in extreme cases, the noise is followed by jamming in the face-down delivery assembly. When you close the back door on these machines a swing plate gear drops down and meshes with the top gear on the fusing assembly. Over time this gear gets worn down and a noise develops.

What I’ve noticed is that the swing plate gear noise is gradual and because these machines typically are noisy anyway, customers tend not to notice a problem until the printer starts jamming or the noise gets extremely bad.

To check this out, turn the machine off, remove the fusing assembly and check the gear. If you’re looking at the inside of the machine from the left side the gear is located on the bottom left part of the delivery assembly.  It’s spring loaded so you can pull it down and get a good look at it. If the teeth are worn down it’s pretty obvious. If it’s really bad and jamming all the time you can further test it by running a paper path test from the information menu and send it to the face up exit assembly. The paper will exit out the left side of the machine and drop on the floor if the tray is not there but this test will verify if the fusing assembly is causing the problem or not.

Another way to check is to see if the rollers on top of the machine are rotating. If the teeth on the swing plate gear are stripped out, the exit rollers on the top of the face down delivery system will not be functioning correctly. Sometimes they don’t turn at all and other times they will turn only intermittently. The gear is not sold separately so if you find this to be the case then you will have to replace the face down delivery system. It’s not a tough job and because of the age of these machines the parts seem to be getting cheaper by the day. Right now these are some of the cheapest HP machines to own and operate because of the cost of parts and toner.

HP LaserJet 5si, 8000, 8100, 8150 Face Down Delivery Assembly RG5-1874

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.