HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf Paper Jam Error

I was called out to work on a M1536DNF for a customer who informed me that while installing a new toner cartridge, part of the machine broke inside and then, after every print, the machine recorded a paper jam. If the customer opened and closed the toner door the machine would proceed to print another page then record a jam. Obviously this got old very quickly and the printer needed to be checked out. Upon arriving onsite I noticed the broken part was the delivery assembly. Unfortunately, this assembly is part of the fusing assembly so the whole fuser needs to be replaced if this part happens to break.

This machine ended up being under warranty so I called HP and got the machine exchanged. Usually when I call HP it takes about an hour of troubleshooting and another hour to setup the warranty service. This time, however, it didn’t take long as the customer rep on the other end was well aware of the issue.

This service information is more of a general tip to those of you in the field servicing these machines or planning on selling them. The delivery assembly is somewhat fragile and replacing the toner seems to lead to this part breaking. HP noted that this often happens when the customer fails to remove the shipping tabs. So whenever servicing these machines I will be informing my customers of this design flaw and warn them to handle this area with care in the future. If you do find yourself needing to replace the fuser outside of warranty, the part number is RM1-7576

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

HP CM1312 and M2727 Multifunction LaserJet ADF Paper Jams

This past week I had a few calls on these models so I thought I would share some information about these document feeders because they can be found on several different models of machines made in the same time period as these. Below are the two most common issues I find with these units.

Scenario 1 – Not Feeding into the unit
Due to the fact that paper is fed face up through these document feeders, toner, ink, and dirt seem to contaminate the pick up and feed rollers more often than face down document feeders. To clean, open the ADF feed cover, Continue reading

HP M2727 Multifunction – black smudge or line on pages

This problem is easy to diagnose. The hard part about this repair is that if the fusing assembly needs to be replaced you have to disassemble a lot of the printer.

I was called out the other day on a M2727 that had a line running down the pages. At first I thought it was just a simple cleaning of the glass strip underneath the ADF unit. However, upon arrival I noticed it was doing it on printed pages also. Whenever troubleshooting lines on pages the first step is to isolate the problem. If your printed page from the computer has a line on it then you know you have a problem with the print engine. If the problem doesn’t happen on printed pages but on copied pages then we know it’s related to the optics in the copy unit portion. In the case of this service call it was the print engine.

The first step when troubleshooting lines on the print engine is to Continue reading

HP LaserJet 4250 – 68.xxxx Permanent Storage Error

Most of the time the 68 errors can be cleared by pressing the SELECT button, which typically returns the machine to normal operation. Generally, customers never turn their machines off so the only time they will see a 68 error is after a power outage or if they do turn the printer off for one reason or another. Heck, I’m the one that usually brings it up when I’m servicing the printer.

However, on a recent service call, I encountered a customer who turns their machines off every night and every morning they get this 68 error. When I turned the machine off and back on, I checked the printer settings and the NVRAM initialization reset. When that didn’t clear the error I performed the Full NVRAM Reset.

Below are the steps to perform the reset procedure and instruction to Continue reading

Lexmark introduces next-generation MX6500e to create complete, configurable MFP

Lexmark recently announced its new Lexmark MX6500e Multifunction Option that expands the capabilities of the company’s award-winning workgroup monochrome printers to create a powerful multifunction system that meets customers’ demanding capture, copy and finishing needs.

“The MX6500e expands the high-end of our multifunction offering in a very meaningful way,” said Drew Zande, senior product marketing manager for the MX6500e. “It allows us to be much more flexible and responsive to challenging customer environments. This is a robust platform that allows our customers to improve productivity and simply processes.

Go to Lexmark’s blog  to learn more.