HP LaserJet 4250 – 68.xxxx Permanent Storage Error

Most of the time the 68 errors can be cleared by pressing the SELECT button, which typically returns the machine to normal operation. Generally, customers never turn their machines off so the only time they will see a 68 error is after a power outage or if they do turn the printer off for one reason or another. Heck, I’m the one that usually brings it up when I’m servicing the printer.

However, on a recent service call, I encountered a customer who turns their machines off every night and every morning they get this 68 error. When I turned the machine off and back on, I checked the printer settings and the NVRAM initialization reset. When that didn’t clear the error I performed the Full NVRAM Reset.

Below are the steps to perform the reset procedure and instruction to reenter the printer’s vital information afterwards.  (Note:  I haven’t seen this in the Service Manual but it works on several models of HP machines.)

Warning: After you perform a Full NVRAM Reset you will have to reconfigure the Network, user, total page and maintenance counts, and put the serial number into the machine. So before you perform this procedure print off the configuration pages from the information menu.

To initialize Full NVRAM Reset

  1. Turn the printer on and watch the control panel display. When the display begins showing the memory count, press and hold the UP  button until all three lights on the control panel are lit.
  2. Press the DOWN button.
  3. Press PAUSE/RESUME. The display should show SKIP DISK LOAD.
  4. Press the UP button until FULL NVRAM INIT is highlighted.
  5. Press the SELECT button. The printer will initialize NVRAM and then continue its power-on sequence.

Below is the information to access the Service Menu to enter the information.

  1. Press SELECT button or the MENU button to open the menus.
  2. Use UP ARROW button or DOWN ARROW button to scroll to SERVICE, and then press .
  3. Press or until the first digit of the PIN code appears. Press to save that digit. Repeat this selection procedure until you have typed the entire eight-digit PIN code. You can use the BACK ARROW button to return to a PIN digit. When the last digit is saved, the service submenu appears on the control-panel display.
  4. Use or to scroll to the service-menu item that you want, and then press .

Eight-digit PIN codes:
HP LaserJet 4200 Series printer 11420002
HP LaserJet 4250 Series printer 09425004
HP LaserJet 4300 Series printer 11430002
HP LaserJet 4350 Series printer 09435004

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

2 thoughts on “HP LaserJet 4250 – 68.xxxx Permanent Storage Error

  1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the information. Quick question though, how do I update the formatter number after doing the NVRAM Reset? I got into the service mode and got everything set back except this. Thank you. Mike


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