HP CM6030 and CM6040 Light Print in an Individual Color

Last week I was called out to work on a HP CM6040 with a light print issue. When I arrived onsite I printed a few test pages and it became obvious that they were having problems with the black toner or image drum.

Today we’ll tackle this light print situation. It is not covered in the service manual and I believe, with the design of the machine, this could easily be a common issue.


The first thing to do when troubleshooting light print issues is to isolate the problem. Is it happening in all colors or just one? To find out, print some test pages; the diagnostic page and print quality (PC) troubleshooting pages are the best for looking at individual colors and comparing them to one another. However, you should also print the configuration, demo, supply usage, and Error Log pages to get a better understanding of what is going on with the machine’s history and usage.

Below is where to find the Print-Quality troubleshooting pages, for example. Continue reading

Slow Printing or No Printing with an HP Printer on the Network

In the past few months I’ve run into several HP machines that have been having issues on networks. In each case it hasn’t had anything to do with the functionality of the machine.

Network Setup Issues
Network setup is not normally any problem for network administrators, printer techs or employees with a little background experience in networks.  But, for others, network setup can be the cause of printer problems if the network setup instructions aren’t followed precisely.

Just about any machine you buy comes out of the box setup for DHCP or BOOTP installation. When the printer or multifunction device is first plugged into the network these two configurations allows your machine’s network adapter and your server to gather information from each other and the

However, if you don’t change the DHCP or BOOTP setting to manual after initial setup then the printer or multifunction device can change its IP address if turned off then back on or after a period of time. Most of the time if a customer calls me and says they periodically have to reinstall their printer for it to work then this is the first thing I look at. This tells me the printer is functioning fine but it keeps changing the IP address. On laser machines, printing the configuration page usually shows the setup setting for your IP address on the jet direct page. On inkjet machines this page is usually on the network report page in the reports menu.

Slow Printing or No Printing
In this example I’m talking about a customer calling in to say it takes 5 to 10 minutes to print a document. Sometimes it prints fine, other times it takes several minutes to print, and often times the machine doesn’t print at all or says processing for a minute or two but then returns to a ready state.

Frequently this situation is the result of bad packets. Continue reading