Third-party Fusers: Are They Good for Your Business?

According to Gartner, “Businesses looking to trim spending on print costs should turn the budget-cutting knife toward operating costs first”. Lower acquisition costs “are a tempting place to try to save money” but these savings “can be easily offset by increased labor and service”.

Recently, an independent testing laboratory ran a series of tests designed to objectively compare the performance of genuine fusers to that of third-party brands. The third-party brands sell their fusers as “having equal performance to that of genuine” fusers. After testing six fusers each from 6 different brands across 15 Lexmark printers and running nearly 6 million pages, here’s what they found.

Invisible Paper Jam (or the 13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF Error )

Relevant to the HP LaserJet M601 and M602

13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF Paper Jam Error
The 13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF error is a similar error to the 13.20 error found on previous HP 4000 series models, where the sensor in the front of the machine is blocked. In these newer model printers the front paper jam removal guide has become smaller and smaller. Now it’s almost impossible to find without a microscope. Go to this HP developed guide, (or view original HP guide here)which will help you through the removal procedure of cleaning out paper debris and clearing up these specific errors.

Invisible Paper Jam
When you have a paper jam in the front of these machines the printer doesn’t always report a paper jam message on start up. The sensor only covers a small area so, often times, the paper debris doesn’t block the sensor flag. I’ve seen it happen both ways. Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Printer Parts Supplier

When you choose a printer parts vendor, you’re choosing a partner whose job it is to bring you the best value solutions for each print environment and application. From a full inventory of the right parts at the right prices through a seamless and convenient online parts finder and ordering experience to delivery and support, your processes should be as efficient and profitable as possible – so it’s your customers and your business that are your focus.

Here are 5 things to consider when you’re critically evaluating your printer parts supplier — to ensure they are committed to helping you work smarter, be more profitable and grow your business.    Read More…