Invisible Paper Jam (or the 13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF Error )

Relevant to the HP LaserJet M601 and M602

13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF Paper Jam Error
The 13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF error is a similar error to the 13.20 error found on previous HP 4000 series models, where the sensor in the front of the machine is blocked. In these newer model printers the front paper jam removal guide has become smaller and smaller. Now it’s almost impossible to find without a microscope. Go to this HP developed guide, (or view original HP guide here)which will help you through the removal procedure of cleaning out paper debris and clearing up these specific errors.

Invisible Paper Jam
When you have a paper jam in the front of these machines the printer doesn’t always report a paper jam message on start up. The sensor only covers a small area so, often times, the paper debris doesn’t block the sensor flag. I’ve seen it happen both ways.

In situations where the paper is not blocking the sensor flag the machine will boot up to a ready state then, when it goes to print, the paper will feed up several inches and give a paper jam message. In most cases, when the cassette tray is pulled out, half the paper is in the machine. In cases like this you will still need to follow the instructions in this link but instead of just running it through the middle of the paper path you need to run it on the sides also.

Repair Note
Always be careful when doing this procedure. Do not stick paper clips, envelope openers or any other sharp items into the machine to try and grab the paper because it’s just out of reach. This is a big no-no as these parts can easily scratch and damage the paper path guides, which leads to more jamming. Personally, I only use hemostats or needle nose pliers to grab the paper making sure not to touch the surfaces of the paper guides (to avoid scratching).

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