49.38.07 Error on Start-up – HP LaserJet M601 and M602 series

Last Week I was called out to work on a M601 series printer that had a 49.38.07 Error displayed on the machine. At first I thought this would be an easy fix; I’d go out, remove the network cable, turn the machine off and back on and the problem would go away. Once I plugged the cable back in the error would return and I could report back to the customer that a print job was causing the problem. This customer has several public computers and printers so I receive more of these types of calls because of the wide variety of information being printed to the equipment.

Anyway, once I got onsite, nothing I did made the error go away. Every time the printer got to the initializing process, even without the network cable installed, the error returned.

After trying all of my known troubleshooting steps without success, my next option was to try a firmware update. I returned the following day, followed the below listed steps to perform an update and everything seemed to work the way it should. However, once the procedure was done and the machine rebooted the error returned. At this point it was either (a) replace the hard drive or (b) wipe the hard drive and start from scratch!

What ended up solving my problem on this machine was to reboot the machine (following the below listed instructions), getting into the administrator section and running the clear disk procedure. Once I clicked to run the clear disk procedure the display informed me that once this is done the machine will not boot until the firmware is installed.

I ran the clear disk procedure and, sure enough, when I rebooted the machine it gave me a 99.09.67 Error “No Boot Section”. I rebooted the machine and following the pre-boot service mode steps below, ran the firmware update utility again and the machine booted up and worked like a normal machine should work. All the previous information was saved so I didn’t have to reconfigure the page counts, serial numbers, and other user information.

Pre-Boot walk-up USB thumb drive installation
NOTE: Only to be used if the printer is not able to boot to READY. After uncompressing the file you will see a xxxxxxx.bdl file.

1. Copy the xxxxxxx.bdl file to a portable USB flash memory storage device (thumb drive) in the root directory.
2. Turn the printer ON.
3. Press the Stop button when the Ready, Data and Attention LEDs illuminate solid.
4. Press the Down button to highlight Administrator and then press OK.
5. Press the Down button to highlight Download and then press OK.
6. Insert the portable USB storage device with the xxxxxxx.bdl file on it.

NOTE: If the message No USB thumb drive files found shows on the control panel display, you may need to use a different USB storage accessory or place the firmware file in the root directory.

7. Press the Down button to highlight USB thumb drive and then press OK.
8. Press the Down button to highlight the xxxxxxx.bdl file and then press OK.

NOTE: If you have more than one .bdl file on your USB thumb drive, select the file you want loaded and press OK.

9. When the message Complete appears on the control panel display press the Back button 3 times.
10. When the message Continue appears on the control panel display press OK.
11. The printer will continue to boot to the Ready state.

When the upgrade is complete, the printer will reboot automatically.  Be patient!  Some updates take longer than others.  Once the printer or MFP is back online, print a Configuration Page and verify that the new firmware has been installed

Alright, hope that helps resolve some of your firmware issues.   Newer HP machines are using solid state hard drives to store the firmware information.  The good news is the hard drives are relatively inexpensive and if you have a firmware failure that prevents the machine from going to a ready state repairing the problem is easier and less costly.

Also, the above method is for machines that do not boot to a ready state. If your machine goes to a ready state and you want to install a firmware update you can find instructions in the driver and support section for this machine on HP’s website. You will need to download the firmware readme information which will show you the different install options and the various fixes each firmware update resolves.

As with most of these new models, there have been multiple updates that cover a wide range of problems including lots of 49 error issues. For techs like me, it’s interesting to read through these updates. You never know when you will need this information and lots of it is very specific. I’m always surprised when I’m troubleshooting a machine and can relate a problem I find back to something I read from HP or another blog or forum where issues have been talked about before. Plus, like I said earlier, the new HP firmware is different than previous models so sooner or later you’re going to have to learn how to update these new machines.

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. Market Point is a HP PartsOne Partner selling HP printer parts. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

6 thoughts on “49.38.07 Error on Start-up – HP LaserJet M601 and M602 series

  1. Awesome instructions. This worked! I cleared the disk and went to the HP site to download the firmware for Win server 2008r2 (this is where our printers are running off of). Took a USB drive, uploaded the .bdl file, installed the firmware on the printer, and boom, up and running again.


    • I meant to add. I had a tech perform all of the steps you mentioned and it didn’t work. We tried to install firmware 3 times, we replaced the formatter board and what finally solved the problem was replacing the DC Controller (with the original formatter installed).




  3. You still need to do a firmware update or wipe the HD and reinstall. Other possible solution would be to try a different driver. Your not giving much information. Need to know what specifically happens when the error appears. Firmware in these new machines are temperamental.


  4. Hi,regards to 49.38.07 error on hplj600 M601,when network cable is disconnected,printer comes to ready mode with no issue.what needs to be done at this point.The site has over 10 of this machine and working fine except 2 with the error.Firmware version is the same.Let me know your thought.



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