Quality, Reliability and Consistency in Print: Understanding the True Cost of Non-Genuine Supplies

As a service company, your customers look to you for best practices when it comes to getting the most out of their printer investment.  As you know, toner is very important to the developing, transfer and fixing parts of the printing process. The quality of the toner going in is directly related to the print quality coming out and the total overall print costs. 

To provide an answer to the often asked questions about remanufactured/refilled and compatible toner cartridges … Are they safe for my printer? Why do they cost so much less?  Will they print just as many pages? Can they void the manufacturer’s warranty? … it’s important to first understand a bit about the different types of toner cartridges available.

Read more to get a complete understanding of the differences in the various types of toner available (genuine, remanufactured/refilled, and compatible), the effect of each on print quality, overall short- and long-term costs to your service business and to your customer, and the environmental impact of each type of toner (you may be surprised by the facts!).

2 thoughts on “Quality, Reliability and Consistency in Print: Understanding the True Cost of Non-Genuine Supplies

  1. Really? A total hack job. All remanufacturers are not just drilling and filling anymore and to put us all in that one boat is insulting.


    • I didn’t really read that they were saying that about everybody. More of a worse case scenario. Some are good, some are bad. I personally don’t agree with all the points because I’ve never seen a MPS vendor use OEM carts. The money you save on a third party toner is night and day. Very easy to make up the difference even if you are doing a call or two more. With that being said I don’t ever recommend them in open toner systems like Dells, Xerox’s, and copiers. That can get costly very quick.
      The main thing is to find a good reliable vendor and one that quickly takes care of defective carts. If they give you a hard time they aren’t worth it because it’s bound to happen more than once.


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