Prevent a Breakdown with Routine Maintenance; It’s Easier than You Think

When it comes to protecting the investment in your printer fleet and safe-guarding the reliable printer performance your business depends on, the importance of routine printer maintenance cannot be overstated. Poor print quality and printer downtime negatively affects your users and your budget, from lost productivity and frustration, to reprinting costs that can really add up in terms of wasted resources (think toner & paper).

Routine printer maintenance is just like your car’s 3500 mile oil change. Like your car, your printer needs routine maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown. A good rule of thumb — Continue reading

Managed Print Services: Good for Your Workflow?

When businesses think about automating and optimizing workflows, how often is managed print services (MPS) part of the discussion? Not nearly enough, states Angele Boyd, IDC Group Vice President and General Manager for document solutions business.

“The smart MFPs that enable intelligent, advanced MPS infrastructure can also trigger workflows that have a whole set of other benefits—cost savings and even potential to drive the top line,” explains Boyd.

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