Prevent a Breakdown with Routine Maintenance; It’s Easier than You Think

When it comes to protecting the investment in your printer fleet and safe-guarding the reliable printer performance your business depends on, the importance of routine printer maintenance cannot be overstated. Poor print quality and printer downtime negatively affects your users and your budget, from lost productivity and frustration, to reprinting costs that can really add up in terms of wasted resources (think toner & paper).

Routine printer maintenance is just like your car’s 3500 mile oil change. Like your car, your printer needs routine maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown. A good rule of thumb — install a genuine maintenance kit and fuser with every 6th toner replacement for optimal performance.

Routine preventive maintenance for your printers is very cost effective and:

  • ensures optimum performance of your printers
  • extends the useable life of your printers
  • reduces printer downtime
  • maintains and improves print quality

What is a Maintenance Kit?
The components of a maintenance kit vary from printer to printer, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, in general, a printer maintenance kit will include:

What does replacement of a Maintenance Kit entail?

  • Replacing the parts listed
  • Clean-up of toner and paper dust
  • Inspection of other high wear items

What is an EXCHANGE Maintenance Kit?
When you purchase an exchange maintenance kit, you get the exact same kit, containing all necessary parts for your printer model, but at a lower up-front acquisition cost with a promise to return the used fuser (core). This is, of course, a great option when you consider the positive impact on your budget as well as the positive impact on the environment by reducing landfill contribution. Returned cores are responsibly recycled!

Are All Maintenance Kits Created Equal?
Of course, the answer is a resounding NO! Recent independent testing compared the performance of genuine Lexmark fusers to that of third-party brands. The third-party brands sell their fusers as having “equal performance to that of genuine” fusers. However, the testing revealed a very different picture….71% of the third-party fusers failed out-of-the-box or prematurely and the remaining reached less than 60% of expected page yield. Not surprisingly, you can expect similar results across printer brands when comparing genuine manufacturer parts with those of third-party brands. Bottom line: Don’t be fooled by a lower up-front price on off-brand or third-party parts. They will end up costing you significantly more in the long run.

It’s important to pay attention to the maintenance interval in your printer. Ignoring the alerts can result in all kinds of problems. Eliminate permanent damage and the need to prematurely replace printers with proper routine maintenance.


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