How to Fix Intermittent Paper Jamming in HP LaserJet 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, 4350 Printers

In recent months I’ve seen an increase in intermittent paper jams related to these HP 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300 and 4350 LaserJets. Unlike the last ten or so years, replacing the feed rollers isn’t always doing the trick. I’ve been replacing more and more pick up solenoids for the cassette tray pick up assembly.

When the solenoid actuates, the pick up assembly engages and lowers the pick up roller. There is a foam pad on the solenoid that dampens the noise when the solenoid actuates. As the machine ages, the pad wears down and the tape underneath causes the solenoid arm to stick. When this happens, the pick up roller stays down and occasionally picks up multiple pages.

Typically, if you’re only printing one or two pages at a time you won’t have too much trouble. However, if you are printing large volumes, it can be a more serious problem. Continue reading

Managed Print Services Can Improve Your Workflows

Enterprises of all kinds depend on all kinds of workflows to execute strategy. Yet much of the inefficiency inside organizations can be traced to their processes and workflows. And even when you realize the problem, you may hesitate to act because it seems too complicated or expensive to fix. That’s the stalemate IDC Group Vice President and General Manager Angele Boyd takes on in this Expert Series video. She suggests you may have a solution already in place.

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HP LaserJet M4555 Series Will Not Print

I recently was called out to work on an HP M4555 printer that had some feed issues. Each time the feed issues seemed resolved the printer would print a few pages but then stop.

The printer was receiving information; it said ‘processing’ on the display, acted  like it was going to print but then nothing would happen. Even printing internal information pages from the control panel failed to work. Also, the machine’s control panel was very slow and often times unresponsive to commands.

Whenever I see an odd problem on a new HP printer the first thing I do is check the firmware version and upgrade or replace it. It’s nice that HP has changed the way the firmware is stored and managed. However, with all the new software changes and applications, I’ve seen a drastic increase in firmware related issues.

Warning: Before you update the firmware… Continue reading

HP LaserJet 5200, M5025, and M5035 Series Grinding Noise

I’ve heard a few noisy M5025‘s and M5035‘s. Given the fact that everyone of these machines that I’ve worked on had the similar noise, I didn’t think too much of it. A few weeks ago I was called out to work on a 5200 series printer that gets very heavy usage. In the past two years the customer had put just over 400,000 prints on it. The printer was now jamming in the rear of the machine and making a grinding noise.

When I arrived onsite I noticed that the exit rollers on top of the machine were moving, but were periodically skipping. I then knew I had a gear problem somewhere in the machine. I had just installed a new fusing assembly in this same machine four  months ago. Therefore, my first thought was that something went wrong with that fusing assembly. Below are the steps I followed for troubleshooting this problem. Continue reading