What To Do When Paper is Jamming in the Left side of an HP 9040 or 9050 Printer

I get lots of calls on the HP 9040 and 9050 models for random paper jams in the machine. Often times the customer informs me that the problems tend to happen first thing in the morning. After about a half hour fighting with the machine it starts working again, but with  random paper jams every so often.  The customer also notes that many times, when they get a paper jam, there are several sheets of paper stuck all over the machine so they have a hard time telling where the jam actually occurred.

The HP 9040 and 9050 machines are very sensitive in their timing. If the paper gets to certain parts of the machine a hair late it can result in a jam error (I’ve often wondered why HP made these machines so time sensitive). Anyway, I’ve seen surprisingly few problems with the paper pick up assembly other than broken paper sensor actuators. The feed rollers in these machines are well designed with plenty of rubber so they hardly ever cause feed issues.

Most of the paper jam problems are in the fusing unit.

The fuser pressure roller develops flat spots, which causes toner to build up on the hot roller and leads to paper sticking to and jamming — accordion style — in the back of the unit. This is what can cause morning jams, which are reduced or eliminated as the day goes.

Furthermore, the outer coating on both the pressure roller and on the hot roller, where the pick fingers ride against the surface, like to peel and in extreme cases the upper casing warps and keeps the paper actuator arm from moving smoothly.

Fuser Removal Instructions per the Service Manual

WARNING! The fuser assembly can be hot. Use caution when removing it.  Note: If an optional output accessory is installed, remove it.  If a duplexer is installed, remove it.

1 Lift the left door handle, and then open the left door.

2 Rotate the two blue locking tabs toward each other and downward to release them.

Note Do not release the T-shaped envelope levers.

3 Pull the center handle to rotate the fuser assembly upward slightly, and then slide the fuser assembly outward until it locks.

WARNING! The fuser assembly is heavy. Grasp the blue handle firmly before attempting to lift the fuser assembly.

4 Firmly grasp the blue handle, and lift the fuser assembly up.

With the fuser out, visibly check the orange hot roller and pressure roller for wear and tear. If you see any, then the rollers probably need to be replaced. Also, check the page count on the configuration page to see how long the fuser [RG5-5750] has lasted and how close it is to the maintenance life [C9152A – Maintenance Kit] counter of 350,000 prints. I’ve found that rebuilt and third party fusers are considerably cheaper than their OEM versions on this particular model. However, I run into very few that can make it the 350,000 page count. Most rebuilt fusers on these models only make it to 200,000 to 250,000 prints. Not bad when you consider the price difference.

If you’re ever in doubt about paper jam issues in this machine and you have changed out the feed rollers the next step I would try is the fuser as I’ve seen so many paper jam issues related to the fuser.

I hope that helps resolve some of your paper jam issues on the HP 9040 and 9050 laserjet printer.

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. Market Point is a HP PartsOne Partner selling HP printer parts. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.

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