Troubleshooting a 49 Service Error in the HP CM4540 Enterprise Color Laser

A few days ago I was called out to work on a HP CM4540 that was getting a 49 Service Error. The customer called me and explained that they had already tried to clear the error by turning the machine off then back on but the problem came back. I advised the customer to remove the communication cable and reboot the machine to see if the problem went away. Of course, it did, so I told the customer to delete all print jobs in the print queue and then try to print something simple like a windows test page. The next day I received another call that the problem was back and now would not go away.

I arrived onsite to be confronted with the error and a brief explanation from the customer that even the Windows test page resulted in the 49 error code. I removed the communications cable and rebooted the machine. Once it was at a ready state I attempted to print the configuration page to see what the last few errors were and to see if the print engine was working. However, even trying to print the config page resulted in a 49 error code.

At that point I turned the printer off, unplugged the power, and removed the formatter. Once I had the formatter removed I turned the machine back on and waited a few minutes for it to warm up. Once it warmed up I ran the engine test. The engine test worked fine so I turned the machine off and reinstalled the formatter and let it reboot.

Once I rebooted the device I double checked to see if there were any jobs in the print queue or scan queue. To my surprise there was one in the scan queue. I deleted the file and tried to print a config page. Sure enough the config page printed out. After running several more internal print jobs I reconnected the communications cable and sent a few print jobs.  I then scanned a few documents to the public folder and everything tested ok.

Two things about this call stuck out to me

(1)      After printing out the error log I noticed there was an underlying error that was happening with the 49 error, which was a 44.10.XX error related to a scan  issue. The 49 and 44 errors started happening after a 30.01 scan error.

(2)     The firmware on this machine, like so many other HP multifunction machines, is plagued with random 49 service errors. Unlike other printer models this machine has a lot larger range of problems that can result in this error. These machines also have many firmware updates; many more than what you find on other printer models.

I’m not the biggest fan of firmware updates, but it might be something to take a closer look at when dealing with these large multifunction devices. I was surprised at the amount of updates and the wide range of problems each one contained.

If you’re ever looking for the list of updates and what they fix, visit HP’s support and driver section for firmware updates and click on the readme file in the firmware section.

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. Market Point is a HP PartsOne Partner selling HP printer parts. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to

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