Troubleshooting Faded Color Issues in the HP Enterprise Pro M551

The other day I had a customer bring in an HP M551 printer that was not printing Magenta on half the page. Going left to right the color started to fade in the middle of the page so the right side of the page was completely void of Magenta. The service manual doesn’t seem to tackle this issue so I thought I would write about it.

Troubleshooting Process
First, print the Print Quality (PQ) test pages to get a clear idea of how all the toner cartridges are working.

Then disable thecartridge check option and swap the problem toner cartridge with another cartridge. For example, put the Magenta toner cartridge in the Cyan slot and the Cyan in the Magenta slot and the Print Quality test again. This will tell you if the problem follows the cartridge or stays with the slot. If it follows the cartridge Continue reading