13.A2.D2 Error: HP LaserJet M601, M602, M603

The 13.A2.D2 error means that the paper is failing to get to the pre-feed sensor (PS102). Several things can cause this error. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help isolate the problem and get it fixed with as little cost as possible.

Is the paper stop arrow lined up?
Remove the paper and paper tray. Verify the paper stop arrow is lined up with the mark on the bottom of the paper tray. If the paper stop is moved too far forward the paper will bind when the tray raises. Also, make sure the paper is properly loaded. Sometimes a few pieces of paper will bend up in the front of the tray causing the tray to not properly lift and feed paper.

Is the access door missing?
In the front of the tray there is an access door for the pick-up roller. Verify the access door is there. I’ve seen situations where these somehow get removed, causing intermittent paper jamming.

Confirm the rollers are in good shape. This is the main cause of the 13.A2.D2 error.
There are two paper feed rollers and one pick-up roller. The first roller is in the tray and the other two are located in the machine. Remove the rollers and check them. The two feed rollers with the blue plastic typically wear out before the pick-up roller. If you see no tread on the two feed rollers then replace them and clean the pick-up roller with a damp cloth. For testing purposes you could clean the feed rollers and try printing again. Usually after a cleaning they will work for a short period of time while you wait to get the replacements in Use these links to order the necessary hp printer parts.
RM1-0037 – Feed/Separation Rollers – two per tray
RM1-0036 – Pick up roller – one per tray

Did a gear break off?
Check to see if the small gear, located between the feed roller and pick-up roller on the pick-up assembly, broke off.  To check, remove the two rollers and use a flashlight to see if this small gear is there or if it’s broken off. If it’s broken off, replace the paper feed shaft assembly (RM1-2484).

Is there an “invisible paper jam”?
Paper does get stuck in the feed assembly behind the MP pick-up assembly. Usually it blocks the top part and leads to a different error but if paper debris gets stuck low enough then it can block the paper from getting to the paper sensor and cause this error. Refer to
Invisible Paper Jam (or the 13.AA.FF / 13.A2.FF Error)

One last thing
If you’re really in doubt and need additional help you can remove the dust cover from the back on the machine and using a flashlight watch as the paper feeds from the tray.

Not every situation is the same and these tips may not cover every case. If you have additional questions or ideas, please leave a comment below.

Kevin Gumpp is a certified printer technician and freelance writer for Market Point. Market Point is a HP PartsOne Partner selling HP printer parts. If you have a question regarding this topic or have any other printer repair related questions or topics for which you would like more information, please send an email to maryp@marketpoint.com.


2 thoughts on “13.A2.D2 Error: HP LaserJet M601, M602, M603

  1. Here’s another reason that happened to me. Back behind the manual feed rollers is one of the sensors (top-of-page I think). It’s a one-way lever so pulling paper out backwards can sometimes catch on it depending on how mangled the page was. In my case a small wad had was stuck on there from a previous jam and blocked the path of the paper from tray 2. I had to use needle-nose to get it out.

    You can only see and access that area if you remove the covers that protect the rollers there. The standard instructions for changing out the manual feed rollers will get you there (1 screw, 1 removable cover, and one spring loaded cover). Behind the back roller (blue with long stem) is the sensor and normally lies parallel to the bottom.

    Hope that helps someone.


  2. I just ran into this problem, and while your list of possible reasons was really helpful, I found a new one. The part of the load tray that lifts up was (in my case) jammed in place somehow. The outer left corner (closest to the outside of the printer, on the left side as you face the printer) was stuck under a piece of plastic. I was able to tug it out and make sure it moved freely, after which the printer returned to normal operation.

    I suspect that someone has been manhandling my printer’s paper supply. 😦


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