Managed Print Services Can Improve Your Workflows

Enterprises of all kinds depend on all kinds of workflows to execute strategy. Yet much of the inefficiency inside organizations can be traced to their processes and workflows. And even when you realize the problem, you may hesitate to act because it seems too complicated or expensive to fix. That’s the stalemate IDC Group Vice President and General Manager Angele Boyd takes on in this Expert Series video. She suggests you may have a solution already in place.

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Prevent a Breakdown with Routine Maintenance; It’s Easier than You Think

When it comes to protecting the investment in your printer fleet and safe-guarding the reliable printer performance your business depends on, the importance of routine printer maintenance cannot be overstated. Poor print quality and printer downtime negatively affects your users and your budget, from lost productivity and frustration, to reprinting costs that can really add up in terms of wasted resources (think toner & paper).

Routine printer maintenance is just like your car’s 3500 mile oil change. Like your car, your printer needs routine maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown. A good rule of thumb — Continue reading

Managed Print Services: Good for Your Workflow?

When businesses think about automating and optimizing workflows, how often is managed print services (MPS) part of the discussion? Not nearly enough, states Angele Boyd, IDC Group Vice President and General Manager for document solutions business.

“The smart MFPs that enable intelligent, advanced MPS infrastructure can also trigger workflows that have a whole set of other benefits—cost savings and even potential to drive the top line,” explains Boyd.

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Quality, Reliability and Consistency in Print: Understanding the True Cost of Non-Genuine Supplies

As a service company, your customers look to you for best practices when it comes to getting the most out of their printer investment.  As you know, toner is very important to the developing, transfer and fixing parts of the printing process. The quality of the toner going in is directly related to the print quality coming out and the total overall print costs. 

To provide an answer to the often asked questions about remanufactured/refilled and compatible toner cartridges … Are they safe for my printer? Why do they cost so much less?  Will they print just as many pages? Can they void the manufacturer’s warranty? … it’s important to first understand a bit about the different types of toner cartridges available.

Read more to get a complete understanding of the differences in the various types of toner available (genuine, remanufactured/refilled, and compatible), the effect of each on print quality, overall short- and long-term costs to your service business and to your customer, and the environmental impact of each type of toner (you may be surprised by the facts!).

5 Questions to Ask Your Printer Parts Supplier

When you choose a printer parts vendor, you’re choosing a partner whose job it is to bring you the best value solutions for each print environment and application. From a full inventory of the right parts at the right prices through a seamless and convenient online parts finder and ordering experience to delivery and support, your processes should be as efficient and profitable as possible – so it’s your customers and your business that are your focus.

Here are 5 things to consider when you’re critically evaluating your printer parts supplier — to ensure they are committed to helping you work smarter, be more profitable and grow your business.    Read More…

Are You Getting The Most Out Of MPS, Or Just Getting By?

Companies sometimes go into managed print services (MPS) without realizing its full value. Many vendors talk about devices, device consolidation and simplified management, but that’s just part of what MPS can offer.

True MPS focuses on what helps your teams be more productive. It’s not about printers and click charges; it’s about your people and the information they need to do their jobs. Most workers just want to print what they need when they need it. They don’t want responsibility for all the things that go along with making that happen.

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Lexmark introduces next-generation MX6500e to create complete, configurable MFP

Lexmark recently announced its new Lexmark MX6500e Multifunction Option that expands the capabilities of the company’s award-winning workgroup monochrome printers to create a powerful multifunction system that meets customers’ demanding capture, copy and finishing needs.

“The MX6500e expands the high-end of our multifunction offering in a very meaningful way,” said Drew Zande, senior product marketing manager for the MX6500e. “It allows us to be much more flexible and responsive to challenging customer environments. This is a robust platform that allows our customers to improve productivity and simply processes.

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