Printer Repair: 4 Tips on Buying the Printer Your Office Needs

Office Multifunction PrinterFrom our friends and fellow bloggers at Great Lakes Computer Corporation

So your printer just broke down, and you’re tired of having it repaired. Or maybe it’s old, and you know it’s time for a new one.

You can buy a cheap one that just gets you by, or you can get the deluxe powerhouse version that prints 20-50 pages per minute. How do you know which one you really need?

Here are some tips for making that decision



National Service Providers: From a Service Technician’s Perspective

A few years ago, after several changes in the company I work for, we were struggling to get new service leads. So I created a region-specific website designed to attract new business from the surrounding area. One of the things I didn’t count on was getting lots of calls from national service providers looking for technicians to provide service for their customers in our area. After dealing with several, I thought I’d share my experiences and insights on what to look for and what to watch out for.

For those of you unfamiliar with National Service Providers

The majority of the national service providers advertise on their websites that they have thousands of technicians, around the country who can provide service on any machine in any zip code.  When a customer calls and agrees to their services, the customer then waits for a call back with notification of when the tech will be out.  Typically, the national company checks their database for providers in the area or they get online and call around to local service providers to find a technician qualified to work on the machine. The local provider they find must be willing to do the work for a specific fee and within a designated period of time. Once the national service provider finds a local service provider to accept the call, the tech goes out and fixes the customer’s machine as a representative of the national service provider.

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The Hidden Costs of Cheap Toner

We recently came across this very informative blog post on The Next Bench Blog. Click through to read the entire post.

Here are the highlights:

Hidden Cost #1: Messy, cheap toner leaks on you, your printer, or your documents
Hidden Cost #2: Cheap toner gives you lackluster quality on your prints
Hidden Cost #3: Cheap toner wastes your time with a difficult and time-consuming replacement process
Hidden Cost #4: Cheap, unreliable toner cartridges give inconsistent results, clog your printer, or otherwise fail

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Genuine OEM Toner and Ink vs. Compatible, Third-Party, or Refurbished

While I don’t get as many questions about the different types of toner or ink anymore, I see a lot more people using compatible, third-party or refurbished toner in color machines. Unlike must monochrome machines, in color machines non-OEM toner can result in major quality issues and expensive repair bills. In this post, we’ll explore the difference between monochrome and color machines as it relates to toner, and discuss some of the issues I’ve seen with non-OEM toners.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Toner cartridge made by the manufacturer of the product, which is specifically designed and tested to insure the best quality of print and longevity of the product. This is also referred to as “genuine”.

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Lexmark T650, T652 or T654 printer’s operator panel displaying a language other than English

If your Lexmark T650, T652 or T654 printer’s operator panel is displaying a language other than English and you want it to display in English, follow these steps: 

Press the Menu button.
Press Down button 4 times.
Press Select/Check button 4 times.
Scroll down and look for “English” option

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