Troubleshooting Tips for HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015

49.XXX Service Error on the Display

These 49 errors are usually related to software and communication issues. On a recent machine I serviced the error was the result of a broken pressure roller gear that locked up the fuser drive system. After replacing the part the machine started working again but it was more noisy than usual. I then printed off the config page to see the machine had 500,000 prints on it. Since the noise was in the back I pulled the fusing assembly back out and noticed that the swing plate gear inside the machine that meshes with the pressure roller gear was worn down. I had often wondered if this was going to be an issue with these models because of how hard the fusers turn as they age. So this situation answered my question. From now on I’ll be keeping an eye on these swing plate gears.

HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015 Fuser CB506-67901
HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015 Maintenance Kit CB388A

Tray Issues

I’ve been seeing a lot of jam issues coming from the paper tray, specifically the paper not even making it out of the tray.  While troubleshooting I’ve been seeing lots of broken paper stops. The plastic that locks the stop in place breaks or cracks and the stop will move back an inch or more. People see the problem and move the stop back up but once they close the tray the weight of the paper pushes the stop back again. Unfortunately the stops are not available as separate items to purchase and replace. However, you can get refurbished trays relatively inexpensively.

HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015  500 sheet Cassette Tray RM1-4559

Perform User Maintenance Message Reset

I’ve talked about this before but didn’t give the instructions. In older models there was a firmware glitch and the maintenance reset is not in the start up service mode. Below are the instructions to reset the maintenance count through the control panel service menu.

1. Press the Menu Button

2. Press the down arrow to highlight SERVICE and then press OK

3. Enter the PIN using the alphanumeric keypad

PIN for the HP LaserJet P4014 models is 05401408

PIN for the HP LaserJet P4015 models is 05401508

PIN for the HP LaserJet P4515 models is 05451508

4. Press OK to enter the PIN and open the SERVICE menu.

5. Scroll down the MAINTENANCE COUNT and reset the count to Zero.

HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015 Maintenance Kit CB388A

 4. 13.20.00 Jam Inside

You’ll see this error message when the paper jams in the front of the machine, the customer pulls the paper out, and a piece tears and gets stuck on the sensor flag in the front feed assembly. On the new P4014 and 4015 series HP has made the paper jam removal guide even smaller. To find the guide:

  • open the bypass  tray and remove the envelope accessory plate right above the bypass pick up rollers
  • open the front door and remove the cartridge
  • the paper jam removal guide is in the very front of the print cavity. It has a green labeled handle on the right side to rotate it up.

Check in that area for jammed paper that may have been missed. If you see paper in there that you can’t quite reach use a piece of heavy cardstock paper and push it up through the bottom of the machine up to the top (a good thin pair of hemostats have saved me time on several occasions). This should push any paper scraps through the feed assembly or sensor flag and up to where you can grab it and pull it out. The main thing here is to only feed paper from the bottom to the top. Doing this procedure from top to bottom could break the sensor flag. Worse case scenario you will have to remove the bypass tray pick up assembly to remove the jam.

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Common Error Codes and Problems with the HP LaserJet 4000, 4050, 4100

In this article I’ll discuss the variety of common service related issues in the early HP 4000 series printer family. You may be wondering why I’m focusing on these older printer models.  In my opinion, next to the HP 4 and 5 series, the HP 4000 series is one of the best lines of printers ever made. Many of these machines are still in the field and, due to age, some of these problems are becoming more frequent. Because these machines have become “more repairable” over the last year since the price on the parts has drastically dropped and the cost of the toner cartridges have gotten lower, they are some of the cheapest machines to run given the cost per page. So for your customers who are thinking about how they can get the most for their money, these machines offer what they are looking for.

NOTE:  Almost all the part numbers listed in this article are for the 4000 series. The 4100 uses different part numbers for the feed rollers, pick up and feed assemblies, and the paper size board is different on some of the models given the extra feed trays. Get the 4100 printer specific part numbers here

Let’s take a look, then, at some of the common errors.  Continue Reading