Leaking Cartridge Causing Black Prints

More often than not, toner leaks aren’t a serious problem—you simply remove the toner cartridge that is leaking, carefully clean out the print cavity, and the machine is back in business. In a worse-case scenario you may need to vacuum out the print cavity. Sometimes, however, it’s not this simple.

Case in point
On a recent service call regarding a leaking toner, the leak actually led to paper jamming under the toner cartridge. The customer had already replaced the toner cartridge but, unfortunately, the machine was now printing all black pages. I immediately put the old cartridge (that was leaking) back into the printer but continued to get black pages. With both the old, leaking cartridge and the new replacement cartridge, I could faintly see that a print image was on the page. And an engine test produced the same result―black page with faint horizontal lines. Continue reading