Lexmark X464 MultiFunction Printer: Dark Background Problems

A few weeks ago I was called out by a third-party company to install a Lexmark maintenance kit on a X464 multifunction machine. When I arrived onsite and printed a few test pages I noticed that the machine had some heavy background print going on. The customer told me they had installed a new toner cartridge and had ordered a photo conductor (PC) unit but it hadn’t arrived yet.

I proceeded to install the maintenance kit and reset the counter as instructed. I advised the customer to replace the photo conductor when it came in. That did not take care of the problem and I was called back to further troubleshoot the background issue the machine was experiencing.

Troubleshooting (in this order)

1. First, clean the inside of the machine. Check the contacts on the PC unit and toner cartridge along with the spring contacts inside the machine on the right side. It also wouldn’t hurt to remove the transfer roller and clean those contacts. Continue reading

Prevent a Breakdown with Routine Maintenance; It’s Easier than You Think

When it comes to protecting the investment in your printer fleet and safe-guarding the reliable printer performance your business depends on, the importance of routine printer maintenance cannot be overstated. Poor print quality and printer downtime negatively affects your users and your budget, from lost productivity and frustration, to reprinting costs that can really add up in terms of wasted resources (think toner & paper).

Routine printer maintenance is just like your car’s 3500 mile oil change. Like your car, your printer needs routine maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown. A good rule of thumb — Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Printer Parts Supplier

When you choose a printer parts vendor, you’re choosing a partner whose job it is to bring you the best value solutions for each print environment and application. From a full inventory of the right parts at the right prices through a seamless and convenient online parts finder and ordering experience to delivery and support, your processes should be as efficient and profitable as possible – so it’s your customers and your business that are your focus.

Here are 5 things to consider when you’re critically evaluating your printer parts supplier — to ensure they are committed to helping you work smarter, be more profitable and grow your business.    Read More…