If replacing the toner cartridge doesn’t resolve light print problems, check the rollers.

On a recent service call, my customer complained to me that their HP LaserJet P4014 was having some print quality issues. When I printed a test page I noticed that there were several areas down the left side of the page that had light print. My first thought was to replace the toner cartridge but the customer informed me that they had already done so but the problem had been on-going.

Since the light print was not consistent down the page, but happened at intervals, I knew right away I could rule out the laser scanner assembly as the problem. After running a half test and confirming that the defect was on the page before the image was fused, I knew it was either the transfer roller or toner cartridge. Continue reading

HP CM6030 and CM6040 Light Print in an Individual Color

Last week I was called out to work on a HP CM6040 with a light print issue. When I arrived onsite I printed a few test pages and it became obvious that they were having problems with the black toner or image drum.

Today we’ll tackle this light print situation. It is not covered in the service manual and I believe, with the design of the machine, this could easily be a common issue.


The first thing to do when troubleshooting light print issues is to isolate the problem. Is it happening in all colors or just one? To find out, print some test pages; the diagnostic page and print quality (PC) troubleshooting pages are the best for looking at individual colors and comparing them to one another. However, you should also print the configuration, demo, supply usage, and Error Log pages to get a better understanding of what is going on with the machine’s history and usage.

Below is where to find the Print-Quality troubleshooting pages, for example. Continue reading

Troubleshooting HP Color LaserJet 4700 Printer Issues

I’ve found these machines to be among the better color LaserJet printers made. When OEM cartridges are used, I rarely run into problems and these printers require very little maintenance, most of which a customer can handle on their own. I have a few of these machines in the field right now that have over 1,000,000 prints. I believe these machines are well worth keeping around, if possible.

In follow up to Monday’s post, here are a few more troubleshooting tips for the 4700 LaserJet and the 4730 MFP.

HP Color LaserJet 4700 Light Print CMY Color Planes
A recent service called involved a machine that was printing light in all the colors. When I printed a config page I noticed that all the colors seemed extremely light.  The printer error report showed lots of CPR sensor errors and 54.XX halftone calibration errors.

The customer had replaced all the color cartridges (they were using OEM cartridges). Disabling the cartridge check in the diagnostics menu and swapping the cartridges, restoring the print quality settings, running a full calibration, and making sure its toner save was turned off did nothing to change the print quality. I took out the feed assembly under the cartridges and cleaned out the two color plane registration and density sensors. Once again, nothing changed on the print quality.

As a last resort I performed a NVRAM RESET Continue reading

HP P3005 – Light Print – Formatter Issue.

A few months ago I serviced a HP LaserJet P3005 for a third party company. While servicing the machine for a paper jam issue I noticed that it was printing extremely light and every time I turned it off and back on, upon reboot  it gave me an 11.XX internal clock error. The internal clock error was pretty simple. That’s the formatter board.

The light print, though, threw me for a loop. The machine had an OEM cartridge, toner density all the way up, and not in toner save mode. The customer said it was always like that so they had no issue with it. I told them that to fix the clock error they would have to replace the formatter and possible either the ECU or formatter to fix the light print.

Fast forward a few months Continue reading

HP Color Laserjet 4600, 4610, and 4650 Light or Faded Print

The HP color laserjet 4600 series printers are a perfect example of why HP has become legendary for their line of laser printers. In today’s market, while this is not one of the quicker machines out there, its high volume print cartridges, durability, and ability to handle any job an end-user can think of makes this printer series an office favorite. However, with its age, the laser scanner optics are getting a build up of dust and debris on the mirrors and lens. While the light and faded print doesn’t happen as quickly and is not as apparent on this model as it is in the HP color laserjet 2600 and 3000 series, it still needs to be addressed.

In this article I will discuss what you can expect when light or faded print starts becoming an issue in the HP color laserjet 4600 series, how to troubleshoot the problem, and how to resolve the light or faded print issue when it has to be fixed. Continue Reading