HP LaserJet 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, 4350 Common Errors and Issues

Yet another great series of printers introduced in the 4000 line of printers by HP, these machines are the workhorses that we’ve come to expect from HP for fast every day printing. They experience very few problems and have long life spans. The majority of the problems are easily fixed and at a relatively low cost to the customer making these printers a favorite in any work environment.

In this article, I will discuss a few of the issues related to these machines to help make repairing them as trouble free as possible.

13.01 Paper Jam Error
Not the most common error but it still does occur on these printers. Obviously, the first thing to check is the feed separation rollers (part # RM1-0037)  The rollers for the 4200 and 4300 series tend to last a lot longer than original 4000 rollers but they still wear out so check to make sure they still have tread.  Continue Reading

The Basics of a Succesful Service Call

In this article I’ll give a basic outline of what I do on service calls.  I know that after several years in the field most technicians get into a routine of how to approach calls so I know it will not be the same for everybody and every company. But, this information may be particularly helpful to “new to the field” technicians in getting an idea of where to start and, as time goes on, how to develop a personal service call system. As for you seasoned techs, well, I’ll try to provide useful information on things you may have used in the past and have forgotten and can re-apply to your routine in the future.

Preparation Before the Service Call
First, make sure your service coordinator is getting all the pertinent information such as make and model, problem reported on the machine, customer contact name, phone number, full address, hours of operation, and department. Pricing should be talked about so there are no surprises once the service is complete. Nothing is worse than showing up on site and then finding out that either you or your customer, or both, don’t know the full situation.  Continue Reading

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Here comes another batch of PDF Maintenance Kit Instructions, only this time its for all your HP LaserJet needs. Click, click, click away!

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Maintenance Kit for Color LaserJet 4500

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