Print Quality Issues Related to Copying on the HP CM3530 AIO

I’ve seen more scanner assembly and print quality issues with the CM34350 model than any other HP all-in-one (AIO) machine. I’m not going to bore you with lots of details, but I will give you a few pointers to isolate problems and find solutions to these print quality issues, which can include black lines and background printing, among others. Here is an image copy example to help you understand what I’m talking about.


Isolating the Problem

If there are lines on your copies, print a document from the computer. If the printed page from the computer also has lines, you have a print quality problem related to the print engine. Drums, transfer belts, and the fusing assembly can be the possible culprits for print engine print quality issues.

If the printed page from the computer (or an internal test page) does not have lines we know the problem is Continue reading

For Print Quality Issues Toner Cartridge is Suspect Number One

For any print quality issue the first check should be the toner cartridge, especially if the cartridge is compatible or refurbished in a Lexmark printer. Any cartridge other than a brand name Lexmark OEM or Lexmark re-manufactured cartridge is suspect number one, even for some jamming problems.

Be on the look out
When you open the bag the cartridge is shipped in, watch for excess toner in the bottom of the bag and on the cartridge. If you find loose toner in either of these places put the cartridge back in the bag and locate another because, if you use it in that condition it’s going to leak toner inside your printer. The toner will pile up on the inside causing smudges and streaks, pages folded at one or both leading corners, and eventually jamming at the entrance to the fuser. Not to mention the print quality issues you’ll experience.

Here’s what happens
Under the cartridge, the toner will coat the Transfer Roller and show up as grey on the back of prints, and/or inefficient image transfer to the paper from the image drum in the cartridge.

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Faded Color on the HP 2600, HP 2700 and HP 3000 Series of Small Upright Color Lasers

Lately, I’ve been receiving more calls on the HP small upright color lasers due to poor print quality. I have found that, with most of these lower end HP printer models, the customer doesn’t want to put a lot of money into repairs.

In this article I will focus mainly on the HP 2600 and 2605 because HP doesn’t explain how to remove the laser/scanner in the service manual. In other models, like the HP 2700 and HP 3000 series printers, while they explain in the service manual how to remove the laser/scanner, they don’t tell you how to clean it out once it’s removed.  So I will explain what to look for and how to go about cleaning this so you don’t have to replace it.  Continue Reading