Lexmark T630 Series – Gray Background on Side or Across Whole Page

Brian has talked about this briefly in an earlier post on this blog (see it here) but since I ran into this problem on a few machines recently I thought I would elaborate on this problem. On most machines the primary charge roller is located in the print cartridge so when you replace the cartridge you replace the charge roller. In Lexmark and Kyocera printers the charge roller is separate from the print cartridge; therefore, it doesn’t get replaced as often and has more opportunity to cause print related problems.

The charge roller puts a charge on the drum before the image is written to it. If the charge roller has too much build up or debris, like label glue, gets on the surface then the part of the drum unit that area touches doesn’t get properly charged and spots or gray background will result.

On Lexmark machines the charge roller is easily seen by removing the print cartridge and looking up in the cavity of the machine. It will be a light tan roller about a foot in length. The one I saw on the T630 I was working on looked OK but  Continue reading